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Uncommonsense is not found in common places, hence the creation of this online bazaar. Every resource here provides unconventional insights for an exceptional life outside the confines of the status quo. If you're seeking more from life, look no further. Here's to an uncommon life – a life on your terms.

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Kim Chandler McDonald

"In my position as founder and editor of the Innovation Interview series, I have had the good fortune to interview many interesting Innovators - all leaders in the fields - from around the world. Kent stands out as extremely inspiring, gracious and with a great generosity of spirit."

- Kim Chandler McDonald, Executive Vice President, Flat World Navigator

Rebecca Zorowit

"I cannot even tell you how impressive your writing is, in addition to, your drive, dedication, determination and most significantly, productivity... It's truly astonishing!!!"

- Rebecca Zorowitz, Vice President of Ooh La La Candy

Bryan Hwang

"Kent has provided me through his work the tools to develop my entrepreneurial skills. I highly recommend Kent's work for any striving entrepreneur looking to grow professionally and personally. Not only is Kent a great asset to a business, but to society as well."

- Bryan Hwang, Consultant,

Paula Woodley

"Kent is exceptionally bright, an incredible writer and is driven more than anyone else I have ever known. He has depth and maturity far beyond his years -- but what is most impressive to me is his understanding of people, his grasp business principles, and his genuine kindness to others."

- Paula Woodley, Lecturer, University of Southern California

Wendy Harrington

Dynamic and determined, Kent certainly walks his talk. His rounded approach to life is refreshing, encompassing both our inner and outer worlds. He has helped and continues to help many people achieve the success and peace they are searching for, through speaking, coaching, his books and events.

- Wendy Harrington, Author, Owner, & Therapist at Wendy Harrington

Susan Taylor Suchy

A great role model and mentor to everyone, young and old. He inspires me constantly!

- Susan Taylor Suchy, Instructor of Sciptwriting, Creative Writing at Saddleback College

Tyler C. Stevens

"Kent is an inspiration to work with. He is wise beyond his years and brings that wisdom to everything he does. A creative, talented and insightful writer and speaker, Kent is an irreplaceable asset."

- Tyler C. Stevens, Student

Shane Underwood

"Dude, your book changed my life!!!"

- Shane Underwood, Student

Jack Canfield

"I've read a lot of books for young people, but this is the best one yet! I wish I had "Cool Stuff" when I was younger. It's a guaranteed blueprint for building a lifetime of fulfilling relationships, happiness, and financial success starting now!"

- Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series

Richard Carlson

"This book is a real gem. In my opinion, it's a must read for all teens and anyone who cares about teens-parents, friends, grandparents, etc. It's a mentor in a book. I would have benefited greatly by reading this book as a teen."

- Richard Carlson, Ph.D Author of the "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" series

Mark Victor Hansen

"Kent expresses his message with enthusiasm, love, light, energy, and insight. Travel as far as you need to hear his lasting brilliance. I love him and all the good he is doing."

– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series

Allie Dilbeck

"You really put a spin on my world today by inspiring me to actually try and achieve my dreams... and not only trying but actually believing I can try!"

- Allie Dilbeck, Student

Evan Stewart

"Coming out of High School into the real world was a hard step for me. Your book taught me a lot even though I have been living on my own for a while. I feel like I have the confidence to start the online business I always wanted. Thanks again."

- Evan Stewart, Budding entrepreneur

Kelsey S

"This book isn't like other kinds of books. It is way cooler and tells you information that is actually USEFUL!"

- Kelsey S, Student

Valeria Galian

"Thank you for writing your book ... Oh my gosh ... It's the best I have ever read. I just can't put it down!!! It's the most popular book here at school. When you release a new book, trust me, I'll be looking for it."

- Valeria Galian, Student


Cool Stuff Coaching Course

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Designed in a workbook format, this book helps readers master the life-skills discussed in "Cool Stuff" They Should Teach In School through particiapating in fun, engaging, thought-provoking activities that involve personal reflection and group interaction. To get maximum results, reading something is not enough. Participation creates long term success.


About the book

Unlike many other books, this is not just a collection of great concepts and ideas, but it's a skill-building course that involves the reader. This book has also proven to be extremely useful for teachers in a classroom setting and in peer-to-peer or mentorship organizations such as Kiwanis, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Big Brother.

I explore a variety of topics such as attitude, conquering fear, goal setting, habits, people skills, leadership, communication, peer pressure, and more.  I wanted to focus on topics that teens dealt with everyday of their life.  In short, mastering these basic skills will make an immediate impact on the quality of our lives.

Far too many young people have buried themselves in thousands of dollars of debt, have a really bad attitude, struggle with self-esteem and peer pressure, or have no idea to fill out a job application and communicate effectively during an interview.  It’s a real shame.  I created this book to help other young people avoid the common pitfalls of life that can often be avoided with the right information and skill-sets.



Can you tie your shoes?  

Of course you can!  How hard do you have to try to tie your shoes?  You’re probably thinking, “What?  I don’t even have to think about it.  I just do it!”  That’s right.  It has become a habit—something that is now a natural and effortless process.

But wasn’t there a time when you didn’t know how to tie your shoes—a time when you really did have to think about the whole process?  Of course there was.  

We all went through this learning process.  Even Einstein wasn’t born with the ability to do something as simple as tying his shoes.  None of us were simply born with this skill.  We’ve all had to learn the process on our own.  Nobody could do it for us.

If you think about it, anything we do well today, we learned through repetition.  Once we’ve learned the techniques, and what is required, all we have to do is practice until we become good at it.  Just like riding a bike, for example—something we don’t need to think about anymore!

Well, after reading countless books and interviewing hundreds of people, I’ve discovered something interesting.  I found that the most successful people in the world are not necessarily the most talented or most gifted.  Instead, they became the best at what they do because they chose to be excellent.

Just like we’re driven to learn to tie our shoes or ride a bike, these individuals were driven to master the process of success.  They learned certain techniques and information that have enabled them to be the best they can be.

Michael Jordan wasn’t born with a basketball in his hands.  In fact, he didn’t even make the cut for his high school basketball team!  But through repetition, he continued to take the time to practice and learn the skills he needed to be the best.  Donald Trump didn’t know how to buy a piece of property the moment he came out of the womb.  Julia Roberts didn’t just waltz into Hollywood.  She worked hard to build her skills and reputation.  Are you beginning to recognize the trend here?

Extraordinary individuals are not born, they’re made.

Very, very few people are born with extraordinary abilities.  Almost every supersuccessful person I’ve interviewed developed his or her exceptional skills through dedication, creativity, and repetition.  They have formed habits that help them become better and more successful.  

The best coaches in the world will often tell their athletes that the key to succeeding is mastering the fundamentals of the game.  It’s often the most basic of skills that separate The Good from The Best—or in our example, make the difference between a mediocre life or an outstanding life.  And we’re guessing you want to be an outstanding individual … otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

In the end, it all boils down to the little things we do each day and how well we do them.  As corny as it sounds, the little things do make a big difference.

In our first book, “Cool Stuff” They Should Teach in School, my brother Kyle and I spent 3.5 years researching the most essential information needed to succeed in the real world.  Then, we took that information (which is usually considered dry and boring) and added some humor and a unique layout.  It’s our hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

If you’ve read “Cool Stuff” They Should Teach In School, you are now armed with some of the most essential fundamentals for the game of life—the most important game you will ever play.  Today, it’s up to you to master these fundamentals by practicing them. To help you in this process, I created this Coaching Course.  I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to form the habits that will help you thrive in school, in sports, in your career, and in your life.

That’s a big commitment to make.  I know that.  But I also know that if you’re willing to put in the effort and give these exercises your best, they will help you build a life you’re proud of.

[This is part of the introduction]


What makes this book unique?

Unlike many other books, this is not just a collection of great concepts and ideas, but it’s a skill-building course that involves the reader.  Rather than just reading how to be successful, teens will now acquire new skills and habits by participating in the exercises.  As we all know, information and ideas are most powerful when they are habits—and to build habits, action must be taken.  In fact, studies have shown that we retain only 20% of what we read, but we learn up to 90% of what we experience.  

The other thing that makes this book unique is that it’s written by young people for young people.  The language is simple, the tone is conversational, and the exercises are fun and to the point.  I didn’t include anything that I wouldn’t do myself.


Sample Exercises

There are over 100 different exercises in the book, but one of the most popular ones is titled, The Attitude Tweaker, which is designed to change the reader’s perspective on the daily tasks many people consider to be a nuisance.  Instead of saying, “I have to” go to school or “I have to” go to practice, the exercise focuses on developing a more empowering outlook by saying “I get to” to go to school, practice, etc.   Most young people in the world don’t get to do the things many young people take for granted.

Some other exercises are titled, “My Comfort Zone Eviction Notice,” “Turn Focus into Feeling,” “Open Your Mind,” “Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” “The Communication Challenge,” “Be Clothes-Minded,” “The Name Game,” “The Trend of a Friend,” and so on.


In The "Cool Stuff" Coaching Course you will discover how to:

  • Create new positive habits to enjoy more success
  • Develop a winning attitude
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Make a good impression and keep it
  • Break through your comfort zone to achieve more
  • Defeat peer pressure through self-discovery
  • Set goals to stay focused and get exactly what you want


Schools & Teachers

"Cool Stuff" They Should Teach in School is required reading in many schools across the country. Many teachers have written me asking for a resource they can use to help them bring the content into the classroom into a focused and structured way. This is precisely why I created this book. Many teachers have found this to be an extremely valuable addition to their curriculum.

With that said, this book is not only designed for classroom settings. It is also a powerful resource for individual readers.




“This book is a valuable resource for mastering the life-skills necessary to succeed in the real world.  The exercises are fun, to the point, and very powerful.” 

- Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul


“Going through this course was a great experience.  It was like Kent was my personal coach guiding me through these life-skills.”

- Andrew Hughes, age 16, student


Book Specs

Perfect Paperback: 205 pages
Publisher: Cool Stuff Media, Inc.; Volume 1 edition (January 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0976025825
ISBN-13: 978-0976025825
Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 7 x 0.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces


Order Information

All physical books (excludes ebooks) authored by Kent Healy and sold through this online store will be personally signed by him.

For bulk orders or questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call toll free: 1-866-928-COOL


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